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Optional Survey regarding Lone Star's 000-gauge Trains

Potential 'Lone Star' 000-gauge accessories, circa 1958-59, planned, but not manufactured

For those who have a copy of Donald Troost's "Lone Star Model Train Reference Guide" [9th edition] Volume One, handy, please refer to pages 1-14 and 1-14a. It seems that, around May 1959, numerous items were contemplated by L. S. designer, the late Stuart Goss (detailed technical drawings of many of these have been deposited at Mill Green Museum, near Hatfield, Herts, U.K. and can be viewed, there, by prior arrangement with the Curator - Caroline Rawle M.A.

Principally, these amount to an "Austin taxi cab"; (EL.92) "Station set"; (EL.93) "Platform set"; (EL.94) "engine shed"; (EL.95) "Oil tank"; (EL.99) "Double Level-crossing"; (EL.103) "Signal with double arm"; (EL.104) "junction Signal home"; (EL.105) "junction Signal distant"; (EL.108) "junction colour light Signal home"; (EL.109) "junction colour light Signal distant"; (EL.110) "Diesel Hydraulic Loco, Class D600" [An A1A-A1A d.h.l. of which only 5 units were built for B.R. in 1958-59, evidently.]

Apparently, drawings were also prepared for:
(a) a trackside Crane; (b) an American Ore (Hopper) wagon; (c) an American stock car; (d) a lineside Hut; (e) a water Pump; (f) a newsagent's (platform) sales kiosk; (g) a platform Seat; and (h) an electric Trolley. It's also understood, as unconfirmed hearsay, that a Rolls-Royce limousine and a Bedford van were also proposed, if detailed plans were not actually drawn up. Oddly, the 000-gauge "Loading Height Gauge" seems not to feature on the list of contemplated items shown on page 1-14a of the L.S.M.T.R. Guide, Volume One, although it is another of the items that were not put into production for whatever reason.

Discussions between Clive Gehle, myself and Denis Eagles, former Managing Director of "Harvey Toy Company" and later of "Eaglet Industries Ltd." (both former subsidiaries of D.C.M.T.) are at a preliminary stage as to the possible viability of manufacturing moulds (where appropriate) for these, or some of these, planned "Lone Star" items which, back in the late 1950s, never made it into production. Denis Eagles is trying to establish just what the market for such items would be? He recently gave me his observations that, from the info. that I've sent him, he can only believe that any reproduction models would be considered "fake" and only of interest to enhance the layout of, what he considers to be, a limited number of enthusiasts who have scenic sets. Even amongst those, he writes, he would anticipate that many would 'fight shy', as he put it, of buying something which would not be 'the real thing.' He ended his comments by enquiring whether I had asked the opinion of my 'database' (Bumper_book_online)? Therefore, your valued comments on all these points are invited. Although Mr. Eagles appears quite keen to progress this notion, he could only consider taking the matter further if a definite demand for the potential products exists. It's not something that can be decided based purely on optimistic guesswork! Remember, these would NOT be "Lone Star" Products, as such, so perhaps "Aldebaran" (actually, a lone star) would be an appropriate production-name for them, were they to be made.

Please pass this message on to fellow L.S. '000'-gauge enthusiasts and your, and their, feedback is very welcome. Without it, very likely, this project will be allowed to 'wither on the vine'. Thanks for your time in reading this and giving consideration to the subject matter.

G. S. Ambridge

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